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                       Club Answerphone  01639 701899                            


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Last updated on 09 September, 2001


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The River Neath (Afon Nedd)              

The River Neath rises between Fan Fraith and Fan Nedd in the Brecon Beacons. In the picturesque waterfall area above Pont-nedd-fechan the river flows south where it is joined by the tributaries of the Pyrddin, Hepste, Mellte and Sychryd. The river continues southwest passing Glynneath and Resolven before reaching the confluence with the River Dulais at Aberdulais.   The river is regularly stocked with brown trout and has a growing reputation for the annual runs of sea-trout and salmon which enter the system. 

The River Dulais (Afon Dulais)  

The River Dulais rises below the slopes of Mynydd y  Drum and flows south-west passing the settlements of Seven Sisters and Crynant before cascading over the Aberdulais Falls below which it joins the Neath close to the tidal reaches of the River near Tonna. The river is essentially a brown trout fishery as the Aberdulais Falls forms a natural barrier to migratory species moving into the headwaters.  Although the National Trust, in conjunction with a power-generating company,  have installed a fish-pass at the falls to assist the passage of migratory fish there is no long-term record at present to show what effect the pass is having on migratory fish stocks.

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The confluence of the Rivers Dulais and Neath at Aberdulais.

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Membership Details       

Important:  In the light of the present circumstances regarding  'foot and mouth disease' the Club has decided to extend the deadline for membership renewal from May 1st to 30th September 2001.

The 5 'Retention Fee' is unavailable this year.

Members who do not join by 30th September 2001 will have to pay for full new membership in the season 2002.                                                                                     

New members over 16 years of age 60.00 which includes 20.00 membership fee.                                            

(Passport photograph required).                                                                                                                                     

Disabled anglers permit fee - 15.00   (Car Park area only)                                                                                                         

Juniors aged 12-16 - 15.00                                                                                                                                            

Juniors aged 7-12   -  10.00                                                                                                                                         

Senior Citizens       -  15.00    

Day tickets:

Day tickets are available from the Secretary and at the 'Rock and Fountain' on the B4242.    

Bed and Breakfast and packed lunch facilities are now available.


 The 'Rock and Fountain'  mailto:therock@ynysgollen.co.uk

15.00 (24hours from time of issue)                                                                                                                                                         

10 - no fishing half hour before sunrise nor half hour after sunset (as per club trout fishing rule).                                         

10 night ticket starting half hour after sunset and ending half hour after sunrise.

The Club Car Park is situated on the southbound carriageway of the A465 off the second lay-by down from the Resolven (roundabout) junction.  Access is by key,  available to members only, for a 10.00 returnable deposit (Car registration required).      The car park has a disabled ramp and platform and planning permission is being sort to construct a  cess pit toilet with access by RADAR key.  This facility will be for wheelchair users only.                      

Any prospective members please indicate if in receipt of  Disability Living Allowance/use of wheelchair as this information is required for forward planning for disabled facilities.

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The facilities for disabled anglers at  the Club Car Park.

The disabled ramp is open to all anglers however if a 'disabled angler' is present priority must be given to that person.                                                                                      

'Out of area' membership is now closed for the 2001 season though a waiting list will be in operation with all requests for membership to be addressed to the Secretary (address below). Notification of membership will be sent as soon as possible after 1st May, 2001 as this is the cut off date for ALL MEMBERS to renew their membership.

For  further details on membership or general enquiries please write to:

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The Secretary (NADAC),    

5, Bryndulais Row,

Seven Sisters,


SA10 9EB

Please make cheques payable to 'Neath and Dulais Angling Club' .

smilefax.gif (11899 bytes) 01639 701187

                                                           E-mail email3.gif (15369 bytes)                                                  

All membership details are held on computer and are protected by the Data Protection Agency.

8 mobile DpT licensed radios are used by club bailiffs on the riverbank.

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Following a long period of unusually 'good' weather from the end of the month the river is at a very low level - this has resulted in the committee having to postpone the date of the Junior Competition until 9th September (hopefully).

Notable returns have included a 14lb (returned) and a 10lb salmon caught in the tidal waters as well as an 8lb salmon caught at Ynysbwllog. A 12lb sewin has been taken in addition to a number of sewin between 4 and 7lbs.

June 29th: small fish-kill of 7-8 fish reported (largest 13lb) close to the Neath Canal overflow below Aberdulais. Environment Agency representatives at the scene put the reason for kill as "shortage of oxygen in the water."

August 5th: a sewin of 11lbs 3ozs taken.  A number of large salmon spotted in the river.                         

August 12th: A period of heavy rain has resulted in a full spate and some flooding.

September 9th: The Juniors' Competition went ahead but despite a large stocking of fish on the previous day only a small total catch was recorded at the weigh-in. Low water conditions and a bright day were not the best conditions for the young anglers.



Some of the young anglers - the weigh-in - and a couple of the presentations.

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Fishing Clubs

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